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29 Jun 2017

Which Hosting Platform Is Right For Your Website? Cloud Server Or Dedicated Server


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Posted By Laurel H.

Both cloud servers and dedicated servers provide with a efficient hosting platforms that are perfect for large deployments. In case you would like to know the prominent differences between the two, it is essential to understand their framework so that it would be easy for you to decide on the most appropriate hosting platform for your website. With the advent of new technologies in the web hosting arena, cloud server hosting and dedicated server have become the most preferred hosting platforms. People often get confused over which hosting platform is more efficient. However in terms of efficiency, reliability, scalability and performance; both the hosting platforms have their own importance. In case you are in need of large resources for hosting, the decision of selecting the web hosting platform also depends on the business requirements. The cloud server and dedicated server hosting platforms have their own distinct features. They are mentioned below:

1. Vertical Scaling
Cloud servers enables vertical scaling. The user has to select the resources and provide it to the server. Cloud hosting also provides the user with the capacity to add or remove memory, computing power, and hard drive space within a short span of time. However, in case of a dedicated server, the user can re size the hosting platform but adding the adding removing of the resources; this is because it involves the tasks like establishing a new server, upgrading software, and installing new software.

2. Deployment Time
It is not very difficult to deploy a ready to use server in the cloud server framework. The user only has to select a package and the software and the server will be configured within a short span of time, and it will be ready for usage. In case of dedicated server everything has to be done manually such as selecting and installing the hardware and installing the operating system.

3. Affordability
Affordability is the major point of difference between a cloud server and a dedicated server. In the case of cloud hosting, the payment only has to made for the resources used and no extra payment is involved. Whereas in terms of dedicated server hosting, payment has to be made for all the resources that are provided. Moreover cloud hosting is based on a pay per use concept, therefore the user only has to pay for the resources utilized.

Choosing between a cloud server or a dedicated server depends on the requirements of your business, traffic flow and work flow. In case of a new business, cloud hosting offers the flexibility so that no extra money is wasted on the unused storage. For a time sensitive business, dedicated server offers guaranteed service that is focused on only one user. While selecting the best web hosting plan that meets your needs, the professional webmasters generally opt for dedicated server due to the features and services offered that enables them to expand and grow their websites in a high performing environment. The choice of the hosting platform shall depend on your business goals and your current and future hosting needs.


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