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27 Jun 2017

Reseller Web Hosting : Way to Make Money


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Posted By Cara B.

Reseller hosting is a new way for webmasters working with multiple websites or for new comers to the web hosting market. Reseller hosting makes you able to sell web hosting to your customer as per their requirements and as per your own pricing & plan structures. Reseller hosting is one of the well know bread making business over the internet today. Companies are generating nice revenue by selling own branded web hosting packages from their own reseller web hosting account with any good web server owned company. Reseller web hosting is the best suitable option for small or medium size business firms which are not having enough money to invest in dedicated server but want to start to go inside web hosting industry also.

Reseller hosting generally comes with private label or white label hosting features such as reseller web hosting provider will give you anonymous reseller web hosting with having nowhere their brand name so you get brand free web hosting to sell to your customers and remarkable benefit of it is that you can even brand the web hosting account to your customer in the manner to show them that the server is owned by you yourself just to get some more goodwill earned under eyes of your customers.

One of the great benefit of reseller hosting is this that you can even make your customer impressed by saying such words that it's your own dedicated server while only you know that it's not a dedicated server infect its an reseller hosting account but as you get private label anonymous web hosting thus you can brand it however you want so in this manner reseller web hosting can also increase your reputation and goodwill worth in market by showing your company as a dedicated server owner.

Reseller web hosting account is must when you are planning to deal for web hosting business with more than one client or customer as when you deal for more than one website along with more than one client too then customers will obviously ask you for their web hosting account control panel information and also on other hand if you surrender web hosting account details to customer then you also need a managerial level console from where you can manage every customer's web hosting account under you and this all is covered in reseller web hosting account itself.

In reseller hosting your customer get their own web hosting control panel along with separate information such as ftp logins, pop3 & smtp details etc so in this manner users of web hosting account shall not be worried for security concerns as on same server, this is even impossible that two users can be made with same username. Even then too, double check with terms of service at web hosting provider's website before making decisions for taking reseller hosting account. Every business having own managerial decisions thus prices too vary, so double check with other companies for any attractive package which can fit your needs as well as your budget in better manner.


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